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November 30, 2009

Fun with Soviet Kitsch

Kookle Nesting Dolls

Back in the USSR, kids didn’t have much in the way of toy options. There was the chalk for hopscotch, the ball for kicking and throwing, and the nesting dolls for impressing Western tourists.

Suffice to say, these nesters were never quite as fun as they looked. In fact, after the initial thrill of opening up all the dolls to find the baby in the middle subsided, there really wasn’t much left to do besides line them up on a shelf and go back to reading War and Peace.

Luckily, Kookle has taken the disappointment out of nesting dolls by giving them an exciting new twist. Unlike the finished products of Soviet yore, Kookle Nesting Dolls are blank and come with a paint kit so you can decorate them yourself, which is really where the fun begins. After all, why do you think those Russians made so many?

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