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August 6, 2010

People Will Mistake You for the Nanny

Lucy Perfect Core Pant

“What?! That baby’s yours?”

“But how?  He can’t be much older than six months – and look at you, all svelte and girlish.”

“What’s your secret? Ashtanga? Ab Blast? Or are you on that Alli? Come on, cut a sister a break.”

Oh, okay, if you must know…it’s my Lucy Perfect Core Pant! The first thing you’ll notice is the compression action that immediately smoothes any problem areas (thanks, ultra-compressive lucy powermax!).

Next, you’ll be amazed by the Perfect Core Pant’s strategically placed mesh insets on the abdominals and lower back, reminding you to keep your core engaged and your body in alignment. Leave it to Lucy Activewear to think of everything!

Last but not least, you’ll notice the stares and whistles – do try to be gracious about it.

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