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August 31, 2010

Early Adopter Alert!

Kids Native Shoes

Admit it, there was a time when you wouldn’t have been caught dead within 10 feet of a Croc. You may have referred to them as hideous and even turned down playdate invites from people who thought otherwise.

Now look at you. Not only are you and your tot both sporting the chunky footwear, but you’re actually decorating them with Jibbitz. Just another late adopter jumping on the bandwagon…

If you swore that next time, you’d get there first, now is your chance. Your opportunity to set a trend has arrived with the introduction of Kids Native Shoes.

Just as comfortable as Crocs, but ever so much cuter and cooler, the same Native Shoes that have been delighting form and function lovers since their debut are finally available in children’s sizes.

Get them…before they’re hot!

Available at

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