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October 7, 2010

Glow, Baby, Glow!

Baby Deedee Sleep Nest

Sorry, but this is going to be another one of those “yes, we know you can do it one-handed but it’s not all about you” sort of emails.

Of course, you don’t need any assistance in the “zipping baby’s sleep sack” department. Then again, you can probably use some help in the form of babysitters, grandparents and, sure, why not, husbands.

Believe it or not – and this is personal experience speaking – not all of these people have your savoir-faire when it comes to those pesky little sleeper zips. That’s where the the Baby Deedee Sleep Nest with Glow in the Dark Zipper comes bouncing into the picture.

Besides being lightly quilted and ever so cozy, this Baby Deedee Sleep Nest has a zipper that glows in the dark – so someone other than you can figure out how to work the thing without a feature-length tutorial.

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