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August 26, 2011

Stop Playroom Sprawl!

Swoop Bag

From the chicest flats to the most exclusive gated communities, homes all over America are being swallowed up. The culprit? It’s called playroom sprawl and it’s probably detracting from your carefully constructed décor even as you read.

Legos, Hot Wheels, action figures…these have no place in the kitchen and living room. Or at least they didn’t before the Swoop Bag came along.

The Swoop Bag is a toy bag and playmat in one. Available in six bold colors, the bag opens up into a 44” diameter playmat plenty big enough to house an entire army of toy soldiers. And when they’re done playing, just close the bag and, presto, mission clean-up is accomplished. Now, that’s what we call a brilliant concept in play area containment.

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