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January 30, 2012

DIY Balloon Animals?

Air Heads Animal Party Balloons

Water balloons are fun, but what a mess! Mylar is great, but one false move and it’s up, up and a-waaaagh!!!! As for balloon animals, sure they’re a crowd pleaser…now if only there was an easier way!

Thanks to London designer Hector Serrano, there is. They’re called Air Heads and they’re guaranteed to put smiles on your kids’ faces and keep them there for hours on end.

The Air Heads kit contains everything you need to create six adorable balloon heads (bird, pig, tiger, koala, rhino and bear). These colorful balloons on a wand come with stickers for eyes as well as paper accessories that kids can press and fold to create animal ears and noses.

By combining the joy of balloons with the fun of crafting, Air Heads are all you need to turn your next play date into party central.

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