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February 15, 2012

Where Did You Get Those SHOES?!?!

Joyfolie Shoes and Boots

Cinderella can keep those glass slippers. Talk about an accident waiting to happen. Yikes.

There’s a better way for your princess to shine and it’s called Joyfolie.

Joyfolie shoes and boots are the stuff of every little girl’s dream. In fact, charming new arrivals like the Houndstooth Boots, the Maci Spectator Boots and the Kat Shoes look like something out of a classic fairy tale, complete with Shakespeare-quoting mary janes and ballerina girl bows.

And thanks to an eco-friendly organic cotton lining and lightweight construction, not only are these styles cuter than any shoe to ever come out of a glassblower, but we’re happy to report that they’re also a great deal more comfortable.

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