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September 10, 2012

The Fool-Proof Bottle

Mixie Formula Bottle

Why is it every time you explain your feeding procedure to the sitter, you feel like the teacher from PeanutsWah wuh wah wuh, wah-wah wuh, wah. 

Maybe you’re just imagining the blank looks and glazed over eyes, then again, maybe you’re better off making the whole process less complicated with a Mixie Bottle.

Just prefill the separate formula and water compartments and set Mixie aside. When baby gets hungry, press a button and shazam, the formula is released into the water along with the compartment cap which acts as an agitator that helps break up any clumps when you shake.

By letting you prepare your bottles well in advance, Mixie makes feeding a quick and efficient proposition—whether you’ve just come out of a deep sleep, are in the middle of a power stroll or relying on a sitter.

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