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December 5, 2012

Farmhouse Chic Christmas Ornaments

Graphic Spaces Wooden Ornaments

Nashville on prime time. Taylor Swift on the pop charts. Southern Fried Chicken on every menu. Seems like the whole world’s gone country overnight. But not you. No, you’ve been rocking farmhouse chic long before it was everywhere.

That’s why we know you’ll appreciate Graphic Spaces Wooden Christmas Ornaments.

Graphic Spaces handcrafts their heirloom quality Christmas ornaments from natural bamboo in the greenest, most eco-friendly manner known to ornament-maker kind. And the selection is extensive. We are especially wild about the vintage-inspired personalized ornaments. Inlaid with shiny snowflakes that reflect light and make the tree gleam, Graphic Spaces personalized ornaments are a far more special way to commemorate baby’s first Chistmas than anything made in China.

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