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January 28, 2013

Move Over Rubber Ducky

3 Ways to Make Bathtime Fun

The bath of your dreams involves bubbles, Chateau Margaux and your hubby, on second thought, make that Ryan Gosling giving you that hey girl, the kids are at their grandparents all night look.

The bath of said kids’ dreams also involves three things. These are:

Princess and Pirates Bath Sponges: Playing pretend in the tub is even more exciting when you have sponges shaped like princess crowns and wands or pirate hats and swords. Your fair ladies and ship maties will love!

Kid’s Shower Head and Bath Toy: Take a shower just like the grown-ups! Tots need only press a button for this pivoting One Step Ahead shower head to sprinkle water their way. Great practice for the real deal.

3 Sprouts Bath Bags: When all the splish splash is over and done, these playful oversize bath bags (available in Walrus, Fox and Owl styles) will make clean-up fun.

Now bring on the bubbles!