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January 30, 2013

Real Boys Wear…Tights?

Little Titans Tights for Boys

Hear ye, hear ye. Fashion court is now in session. The fashionable A-List Mom presiding. In the matter of indignant dads everywhere (plaintiff) vs. baby boys’ tights (defendant), tights stand accused of being too girly for boyswear.

Testifying for the defense: Little Titans, the British boys’ tights brand that’s forcing everyone to redefine their preconceived style notions.

Proof positive that tights don’t have to be a girls-only proposition, Little Titans have branded waistbands just like dad’s briefs and come in mucho macho styles like Rugby Footballer, Stripes and Superhero. Add in the fact that Little Titans are made of the highest quality combed cotton with feet that feature a terry inner lining and non-slip soles, and the evidence is irrefutable…

In the matter of indignant dads vs. boys’ tights, we the style jury find in favor of Little Titans. Case closed.

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