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February 25, 2013

Sleeper Hits

Princess and Astronaut Bed Sets from Snurk

Unless your daughter’s name is Shiloh, chances are she sometimes likes to pretend she’s a princess. But who’s gender stereotyping? For all we know, she may be more of an “I want to be an astronaut” type of girl.

Either way, we have just the thing to make her dreams come true: Princess and Astronaut bed sets from Snurk.

Each Snurk bed set includes a duvet cover featuring either a life size image of an astronaut’s space suit or a princess’s ball gown and a matching pillow case with either a space helmet or a tiara. Perfect for girls and boys who never met a costume they didn’t like to wear 24/7, this ingenious bedding lets kids stay in character even as they sleep.

Talk about a reason to go to bed sooner!

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