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March 1, 2013

Shirts and Skins

NüRoo Pocket

Skin to skin contact doesn’t just play a major role in HBO series, turns out it’s also crucial for both mom and baby in the first months after delivery. But when to find the time?

Since new moms don’t exactly have the spare hours to kick back with baby and catch up on Girls, the NüRoo Pocket has arrived just in time.

The NüRoo Pocket is a babywearing shirt designed expressly for skin-to-skin contact. By letting you keep baby tucked inside your shirt, right next to your heart, the NüRoo enables you to move about freely while you derive such skin-to-skin benefits as decreased risk of PPD and improved milk production, and baby enjoys accelerated brain development, improved quality of sleep, enhanced immune system and much more.

Now that’s what we call an investment piece!

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