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September 26, 2013

Stress-Free Parenting

Futuristic Baby Gadgets

The futurists can keep their robots, flying cars and 3D printers…here at A-List Mom, we’re far more interested in another innovation: Stress-Free Parenting.

Impossible? Can’t be done? You won’t think so when you see the two crowdfunded inventions that are about to bring peace of mind to parenthood:

The Piena Tender Touch Baby Formula Maker is the Keurig of formula bottles, bringing you perfect temperature formula at the touch of a button. And in just 90 seconds—which means less crying for baby and less agita for you.

Mimo is the parents’ version of the NSA. Just place the sensor in Mimo’s specially-designed organic cotton kimono to track baby’s breathing, skin temperature, body position and activity level on your smart phone. There’s even live audio streaming, so you can let sleeping babies lie…and maybe even “sleep when the baby sleeps.”