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June 3, 2014

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Five Fab Ideas for Dads

The Cool Dad, the Mr. Mom Dad, the “Wait ‘Til Your Father Gets Home” Dad…when it comes to dads, one size definitely does not fit all. The same should go for their Father’s Day presents.

Here are five gift ideas custom-made for your main man:

Clean Cut Gent
Harry’s Father & Son Shave Set turns an ordinary morning shave into a bonding ritual with a real razor for dad and a toy razor for son.

Beach Boy
Brace yourself for a cute attack when you see your boys sporting matching Tom and Teddy Swim Trunks.

Best Dressed Dad
Those French cuff dress shirts will look even better with Vanna Chupp’s cufflinks customized with your kids’ silhouettes.

Mr. Car Enthusiast
The Little Red Racing Car is a beautiful father and son tale that’s bound to get them connecting about their shared love of cars.

Sir Mix-a-Lot
Instead of plain old ice, your resident spirits connoisseur will be happy to see Father’s Day Whiskey Stones that spell out D-A-D in his glass.

Happy gifting!