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July 8, 2014

Pretty by Day, Bright by Night

Night Light Wall Art for Kids

A great night light can transform a room after dark—but come sun up, womp womp, it’s total dullsville. Wall art has the opposite problem: Gorgeous by day, lackluster by night.

Why not merge the two like these 5 awesome wall art night lights and call it a day (or night):

Star Wars Death Star LED Artwork features a digitally printed image of the Imperial Death Star illuminated by small LED lights to keep your resident Star Wars fanatic happy 24-7.

Tao Tong Ball Garland Light Kit comes with 20 colorful light balls that you can string up on the wall or arrange any way you like to brighten your tot’s room day and night.

Monika Strigel’s Illuminated Rainbow Zebra is built to order using 50,000 hours of LED lights for a visual experience that never quits.

Clair de Lune Moonlight Night Light Wall Sticker brings a subtle celestial touch to your wall by day and turns into a magical moonscape come nightfall.

With its beautiful Paris Metro sign-inspired design, the Metro LED Wall Sticker Lamp adds instant European charm to the bedroom…so you can say bon nuit in style.

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