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July 15, 2014

Hey, That’s My Bike!

Bike Riding 101

With World Cup 2014 officially yesterday’s news and the Tour de France shifting into high gear, it’s time to give that soccer ball a rest and get your tot on a bike.

These cool innovations make learning to ride safe, easy and super fun:

The balance bike to beat, FirstBike helps kids 2 to 5 develop their sense of balance with a height-adjustable, non-slip rubber seat, limited steering to keep them on track and a sophisticated hand brake so they always feel in control.

The latest breakthrough in learning-to-ride technology is called Jyrobike, an Auto Balance Bike that promises to have kids as young as 3 riding inside of one of afternoon thanks to a battery-powered Control Hub built into the front wheel. Available January 2015…and worth the wait.

The Mini Brake is a remote control brake you can attach to your child’s bike to make the learning process safer for them and less stressful for you.

Chalk City’s Road Maker lets you quickly and painlessly turn your driveway into a picture-perfect race course for kids to navigate until they’re old enough to hit the road for real—or at least join you for a spin at Soul Cycle.

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