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July 22, 2014

Arts & Letters

Wall Letter Shelves

What’s the point of personalizing munchkins’ rooms with their names if you’re just going to use the same tired old wall letters as every other Tom, Dick and Sally?

For something more unique, try these super cool finds which do double duty as both letters and wall shelves:

Magnificent Metal Letters from Land of Nod are a modern, industrial take on the marquees of Broadway. And with a depth of 2.75 inches per letter, the flat surfaces can also be used as shelf space.

Children’s Room Name Shelf from Red Cedar Woodraft is a woodworking enthusiast’s dream. With letters measuring 6 inches deep, it’s the perfect size to store books, blocks, action figures or anything at all.

Custom Alphabet Frames by Chiaozza are colorful hand-cut wooden letters perfect for displaying small objects or for hanging on their own. Currently, “A” frames are available for your little Aidens and Avas—but the rest of the alphabet is coming soon, so stay tuned.