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October 7, 2014

Sleepy Chic

5 Fab Bedtime Looks

You’ve switched to red wine, turned over your closet and ordered your Canada Goose parka…but have you winterized your little ones’ pajamas?

If not, you’ll be glad you waited when you see these adorable bedtime looks:

Little Twig and Sparrow make simple pajamas influenced by the beatnik and mod aesthetics of the 50s and 60s. Very hip.

KateBaby’s pack of two organic cotton pajamas comes with two sets of PJs, one in a wood animal print and the other in on-trend chevron.

Masala Baby’s famously vibrant sensibility brings fun and flair to your goodnight hugs and kisses.

Marie Chantal’s moon-landing inspired Moon PJ comes in pale grey and features a cool moon graphic that reads “To the Moon and Back” on the pajama top.

Any pair of sisters would love Hanna Andersson’s Disney Frozen pajamas (there’s an Elsa and an Anna version), while pretty much every kid will go crazy for her extensive Star Wars collection.

See? Sometimes it pays to procrastinate.