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November 6, 2014

How A-Door-Able!

Cool Door Decor for Kids

For all you know, “No trespassing,” “Beware of teen” and “Keep out (mom that means you)!” signs may be your baby’s door decor of choice in ten years’ time.

But for now, you’re calling the shots…so head them off at the pass with these cute door decorations:

Haru the Happy Bear vinyl door decal by Made of Sundays turns your boring old bedroom or closet door into an adorable bear that is bound to become your baby’s new BFF.

The Nhocchi Doorway Puppet Theater will transform any open doorway into a puppet theater and a great outlet for your child’s creativity.

Cool Wall Art Door Decals have taken the door art trend and run with it, offering a wide selection of fun and friendly decals that say “welcome”—a much better how-do-you-do than a “Private property. Violators will be prosecuted” sign.