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November 18, 2014

Toys of Tomorrow

5 Super Smart Toys

You’ve been rocking a Fitbit for years, killing it on Instagram since day one and waiting on your Apple Watch for months.

No two ways about it, you are an early adopter. And you expect no less of your offspring. So put away the Angry Birds, stash the Elsa dolls and check out these awesome toys of the future:

Tiggly combines counting pieces that kids can touch and see with free game apps to create a multi-sensory experience that makes learning math easy and fun.

Ozobot is a one-inch robot that responds to your paper drawings as well as a variety of iOS and Android apps. You can also create a hybrid, combining the paper and digital worlds into one seamless playing surface.

The Moff Band turns anything into a toy. Whether it’s a broom into a guitar, a banana into a laser or a spoon into a tennis racquet, the Moff completes the transformation through cool sound effects.

Lego Fusion is a genius combination of building toys and digital gaming. Just build the structures using Legos, then link them to the corresponding app to take the adventure to a whole new level.

Available on Kickstarter, DynePod is a wristwatch-like device that connects to a vast “Internet of Toys,” allowing kids to interact with existing content or, cooler still, design and code their own unique toys and games.

At this rate, they’ll be launching their own tech venture—and your early retirement—in no time.