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February 5, 2015

Spelling Counts!

Wooden Name-Recognition Puzzles

Remember how proud you were when you finally learned the Macarena? You probably busted it out every chance you got (we know we did).

Well, that’s exactly how your tots will feel when they figure out how to spell their own name. Help them along with these cool wooden puzzles that make learning to spell your name fun.

Name Blocks Puzzles from Tiny Me let you choose the font, color and design for a name-learning exercise that’s not only effective, but absolutely unique.

Name In Wooden Box creates wooden sorting boxes that are made to order with your child’s name as well as their favorite shapes and colors.

Ludimondo’s Montessori-Waldorf Wooden Alphabet letters are handmade from maple wood and painted with non-toxic paint. Get the letters that spell out your child’s name or order the entire 26-letter set for a full A to Z experience.