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February 19, 2015

5 Bump-tastic Tees

Crazy Cute Maternity Tops

Hmmm…Should I offer her my seat? Let her cut in line for the bathroom? Give her the first cab?

What if she’s just bloated?!?!

Put the speculation to rest and reap immediate rewards with cute tees that proclaim your expectant mom status to the world:

Blanqi Bumped Tunic Tee is made from soft, lightweight knit fabric that skims your curves—the perfect statement tee for any mom-to-be.

The Preggers Tee is a flattering, relaxed fit V-neck that will go great with your maternity jeans.

The Heart Tee by Mom’s the Word features a big red heart right where your abs used to be. Abs-olutely adorable!

Tired of hearing “when are you due?” Throw on a Due Date Maternity Shirt and you’ll never have to field that question again.

For a bit of DIY action, get the Original Maternity Countdown Tee (which has numbers 1 through 40 on the front), cross off the weeks as they go by and photograph your progress for posterity.

There, now who says maternity clothes are no fun?