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March 5, 2015

Cut Bath Time in Half!

4 Bath Hacks

Ah…bath time! A chance to bond with baby. Play games. Splash around. Get all sudsy.

Mmmm…Why ever would you want to cut any of that short?

If you said, “to get to my glass of wine and Real Housewives brawl-fest, pronto,” then these four bath hacks are for you:

Jako-O Bathtub Divider turns your adult-size bathtub into an easy-to-fill kid-size version—so you save both time and water!

4moms Spout Cover doesn’t just protect little heads from bumps and bruises, but it features a color-coded digital thermometer, so the water temp is always just right!

Susen Safe Shampoo Cap is a soft, round visor kids can wear for a tear-free shampoo experience every time.

Ready to say bye-bye bath and hello, shower? Make the bath-to-shower transition safe, quick and easy with  the Rinse Ace My Own Shower Children’s Showerhead…so your nights are less about bath time and more about me-time.