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March 10, 2015

Ready, Set, Sleep!

4 Mommy Sleep Aids

Now that 10 pm is the new 9 pm, you probably need a little help in the drifting off department.

Here are four fab mommy sleep aids that will leave you refreshed, not blow your spring detox:

1. Sleeping is easier in the dark—block out the light with Morgan Lane’s adorable Lanie Bear Sleeping Mask made of luxurious silk.

2. Too wound up to rest? Get some aromatherapy with a Laura Thomas Lavender Candle and feel your stress melt away.

3. Whether you’re pregnant, nursing or rocking a six pack, you’ll be sleeping pretty in Belabumbum’s ultra-comfy Starlit Tunic and Pant PJ’s.

4. Tired of sleep-related creases and wrinkles? Get the Save My Face Anti-Wrinkle Pillowette and you’ll wake up looking rejuvenated even though 6 am now looks more like 5.