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March 19, 2015

No More Food Fights!

Kids' Place Settings

Kids just don’t get it. What could be better than free meals, a personal chef and a metabolism fast enough to enjoy it all?

You could try explaining this to them, or you can save your breath and let these cool dinner trays do the talking:

The Princess Tray has a plate in the shape of a fairy tale castle and utensils that look like magic wands to bring a heaping helping of wonder to the dinner table.

Little astronauts will be over the moon for the Space Tray, which turns everyday meals into intergalactic adventures with planet-shaped dishes and rocket-shaped utensils.

Available in blue and pink, the Kid Puzzle Dinner Tray is great for teaching kids proper fork, knife and spoon-placement and makes learning table etiquette into a fun little game—not an annoying lecture.