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April 9, 2015

5 Life-Changing Mom Gadgets

Best Innovations in Baby Gear

The menial labor. The awful pay. The 168-hour work weeks.

Parenting is the toughest job in the world—make it easier with these five innovative products designed to make everything from feeding to strolling to grocery shopping less of an ordeal.

The Binx Baby Shopping Cart Hammock keeps baby suspended above the groceries, so the little one is comfortable and you still have room to load up the cart.

Feeding shouldn’t have to be confusing with Baby Gigl, the smart baby bottle that keeps track of how much baby drinks and helps prevent colic, reflux and diarrhea by providing feedback on optimum bottle positioning.

Cut down on toy shopping with the Oduga, a toy that grows with your child from birth to age three, transitioning seamlessly from rattle to teether to pop-up toy to building toy.

Keep your baby essentials together with the CityStroll, the stroller-organizer-and-shoulder-bag-in-one. You’ll never have to transfer your baby must-haves from stroller to bag and back again.

Keep baby from getting overheated with Geleeo, the self-cooling liner for strollers that needs no refrigeration or external power. Whether or not it feels like it today, summer is coming…be prepared!