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May 13, 2015

The Forecast Calls for Fun!

5 Wooden Outdoor Toys

There’s a name for that bored, surly look your kids get come summer vacation. It’s called Bratty Resting Face and there are only two known cures:

1. Playing outside.

2. Staring at a screen.

Help them make the right choice with toys that make the great outdoors better than ever:

The Wishbone Wagon is a wagon, soap box racer and foot-to-floor car in one—so many ways to play, they’ll be at it all day.

Turn your backyard into a camp site with the Kalon Studios Field Tent. Easy to set up but impossible to leave, this play tent is every little camper’s dream.

Think playing with sticks is yesteryear’s news? Fiddlesticks! Stick-lets are connectors that let kids turn ordinary sticks into forts, tunnels, toys or whatever their hearts desire.

Give your little ones wings to fly with the Kids’ Outdoor Airplane Swing. Handmade from solid oak, the swing arrives fully assembled for instant fun.

Going from baby bassinet to toddler toy cart, Kidskoje is a lightweight, wooden cradle you can carry, hang as a swing or attach to a wheeled chassis they can cart around once they’re out of the cradle phase.

So there’s less Bratty Resting Face and more smiles all around.