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May 21, 2015

Love Triangles?

Chic Geometric Nursery Decor

You wouldn’t decorate your bedroom with pics of Don Draper or Princess Khaleesi, so why outfit your baby’s room in Winnie the Pooh or Elsa and Anna?

When it comes to nursery themes, the latest trend is classic and timeless—like this geometric decor that will transition with baby into preschool and beyond.

Mur Large Triangles wall stickers are a big, bold and splashy way to announce your triangle theme.

The Cellofetti Cushion Pillow Cover adds a burst of geo-chic flair.

Nothing says festive quite like this whimsical Mint and Pink Flag banner.

The Triangle Linoleum Rug in Pink or Yellow is a great way to dress up baby’s floor.

Elevate your design direction to an art form with the Citrine Triangles Abstract Watercolor Print.

Geometric Triangle Wood Blocks can be customized to the colors of your choice, so baby’s room is just as beautiful as it is playful—no Disney characters required.