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July 9, 2015

Easy Riders

Family Car Trip Must-Haves

What do you get when you put two stressed out parents in a car with two restless tots?

If you said “trouble,” “a headache” or anything other than “pure magic,” you may be doing it wrong.

Here are the five most common family road trip pitfalls…and how to avoid them:

1. “Mom, we’re bored!”
Since nothing starts backseat brawls faster than boredom, make sure to have a HighView iPad Hanger to keep them entertained.

2. What a mess!
Solve the “messy car, messy mind” problem with the One Step Ahead Family Travel Organizer. This jumbo organizer holds everything—even their sippy cups!

3. Blech!
Car sickness happens…be prepared with a change of clothes. The ultra easy on/off Magnificent Baby line makes changing into fresh duds a breeze.

4. Who can sleep?
Keep the sun out of their eyes with the Solar Eclipse, a partial sun shade and a black out shade in one. Because the better they sleep, the more you relax.

5. The hangries
Avoid dealing with hangry kids by packing plenty of snacks—and keep those on-the-go meals neat and civilized with a Star Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray.

Happy travels!