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September 2, 2015

Quiz: What’s Your Fall Style Personality? Win $150

Top Trends for Tots

Wondering how to dress your kids for fall? Take this quiz to find out which of today’s hottest looks is right for you:

Who would you rather hang with?
A.The kids from  Fame
B. The cast of  Gossip Girl

At a BBQ, you crave:

A. Hamburgers
B. Steak

What’s your dream vacay?
A. Road trip
B. Yacht charter

Mostly A’s: Downtown Cool
When it comes to edgy kidswear, nobody does it better than Appaman. With a wide variety of biker jackets, faux fur coats and hip basics, Appaman’s Fall 2015 collection will have your kids looking street smart and fashion savvy. Enter to win a $150 Appaman gift card below!

Mostly B’s: Preppy Chic
The first and last name in uptown fabulosity, Ralph Lauren has done it again. The  Fall 2015 Ralph Lauren Polo collectiontranslates the posh aesthetic into polished, playful looks like varsity jackets, tweed blazers and plenty of plaid. Your friends will love it..and so will theirs.

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