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October 14, 2015

October Fest!

The Season’s Best Toys & Gear

There’s a reason fall is America’s favorite season—and with all due respect to Olivia Pope, it’s got nothing to do with the return of Scandal.

From hiking to leaf peeping, autumn is all about the great outdoors. Make the most of it with gear that will motivate the kids to get out and enjoy!

The S’more the Merrier Campfire Set is a plush toy campfire that will get your little ones excited about the real deal (hey, it worked with that wooden sushi set)

If they think playing fort with the sofa cushions is a blast, wait until they see the 12-Foot Cotton Canvas Teepee. Perfect for the backyard or the playroom, this doublewide teepee is the perfect spot for a slumber party.

Hiking through forest preserves is great, but throw in this Rustic Walking Stick and watch the fun levels skyrocket.

Calling all tree-huggers! The Build-A-Treehouse will give them a bird’s eye view of that gorgeous fall foliage.

Speaking of bird’s eye views, Fanny & Alexander’s Heritage Wooden Binoculars let kids get in character and play the explorer to the hilt.

Happy trails!