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November 4, 2015

Moms Gone Wired

High Tech Baby Gear

From monitoring baby’s audio while trying to listen to the latest Adele to keeping an eye on the car seat without taking your eyes—and Mini Cooper—off the road…the struggle is real.

Make these problems go bye-bye in a hurry with the latest innovations in baby gear, fresh from the ABC Kids Expo:

The Smart Changing Pad by Hatch has a built-in scale and computer, making it easy to stay on top of baby’s weight, feedings, diaper changes, sleep and length.

Fridababy’s Fever Frida Thermometer is a small device held in place with a patch (under baby’s arm) that monitor their temperature and alerts your smartphone or tablet if it goes too high—all without ever waking the baby.

The Garmin babyCam lets you see your baby without taking your eyes off the road—it even has night vision, so not only do you not have to turn around to get a clear view, you don’t even have to turn on the light.

We love the 4 Moms Infant Car Seat, which self-installs so you no longer need a degree in mechanical engineering to properly position your car sea.

The first audio monitor you can wear on your wrist, Summer Infant’s Babble Band (available in 2016) also has a vibrate function that only goes off in case of unusual or excessive noise so you’ll be sure to take notice…whether you’re trying to sleep while the baby sleeps or just belting the chorus to “Hello.”

Add Anything to Your Baby Registry, From Any Store!


Remember when you had to restrict your baby registry to the selection at Buy Buy Baby or Babies “R” Us? Well, thanks to BabyList, those days are ancient history.

BabyList is a universal registry that lets you add items from any and all of your favorite stores. With so many cool online shops, boutiques and Etsy sellers to choose from, BabyList lets you stylish, selective moms add anything to your baby registry, from any store—and even discover new products you didn’t know you needed!

Easy to use for both gifter and giftee, the registry comes with added perks like keeping you organized.

Start your registry now!