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November 19, 2015

Table Manners

Kid-Proof Your Thanksgiving

Plates on the floor. Knocked over glasses. Non-stop noise. Thanksgiving is great, but throw toddlers into the mix and it’s all, Aaaargh!!! How long till we can get a kids table?!?!?!

Kid-proof your Turkey Day with these fun products designed to help tots behave:

A good attitude starts with gratitude. The Draw Together Thankful Tree is an fun and easy way for kids—and parents—to count their blessings.

Let your monkeys help out in the kitchen with Funpod. The pod has an adjustable platform to get kids up to counter level and, unlike stools, has sides to keep them from falling.

It’s a placemat, it’s a plate…it’s Happy Mat, the two-in-one solution to solving the messy eater problem once and for all.

My First Thanksgiving Milestone Cards are for the little ones that will probably sleep through dinner. Just because they’re snoozing in their crib doesn’t mean they don’t want to be in the family photos.

Kiwi Crate has come up with enough Thanksgiving decorating, cooking and playtime crafts and activities to keep the kids happy and entertained all day long.

Oh, to be four again! Little Me Plates come with kid-friendly cutters so children can turn their food into outfits for the little girls and boys on their Little Me Dress Up plates, or into cars for the roads on their Little Me Motors plates.

So your Thanksgiving can go off without a hitch—or a full blown tantrum!