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January 6, 2016

Let’s Get Physical!

5 Best Toys for Independent Play

Anxious? Exhausted? Overwhelmed? Congratulations! You’re normal!

Two weeks with the kids will do that to anyone. If you’re ready for a vacation from your vacation, we recommend toys that promote active, independent play like:

The Hopscotch Rug from CB2 brings a playful touch to any kids room, but will work just as well in any room of the house.

UNICEF Kid Power Band and app challenges kids to get moving while teaching them about different cultures and helping them save lives of malnourished children around the world. Truly amazing.

Pure Fun Kids’ Jumper Trampoline will make sure they get their ya-yas out—no parental assistance necessary.

The Eco-Bonk Abigail Elephant Plush Bopper Toy is an inflatable playmate that is the next best thing to you chasing them around the living room.

The Intex Jr. Jump-o-lene Castle is a bouncy castle play gym that will keep them completely engaged for hours—so more fun for them, doesn’t mean more work, stress and nervous hovering for you.