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March 9, 2016

You’re Getting Sleepy…

3 Steps to a Restful Night

Did you get some work done? Lose weight? Do something to your hair? What’s your secret?

It’s called a good night’s sleep—and if you want to continue reaping its amazing age-defying benefits, you’d better prepare for Sunday’s big spring forward with these three awesome baby (and mommy) sleep aids.

The Ollie Swaddle: Designed to move with babies through the night, keep them cool and exert a comforting pressure from shoulders to feet, the Ollie Swaddle guarantees a perfect swaddle every time.

DockATot: On every mom’s must-have list, this ultra plush baby docking station cradles little ones in a cocoon of comfy coziness, ensuring that they’re quick to nod off and slow to wake up.

The Baby Shusher: By efficiently soothing babies with a cry-disrupting, rhythmic “shush” sound that reminds them of their carefree days in utero, the Baby Shusher isn’t called the sleep miracle for nothing.

There, now maybe you can spend your night dreaming…not singing lullabies.

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