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March 21, 2016

Party in the Bath!

The Coolest Bath Toys

What you think about in the shower: The grocery list, preschool applications, how to shave around your knee without severing an artery…

What your tot thinks about: Get that soap in my eyes and youíre toast, lady.

Give them something fun to think about with these awesome bath toys:

The Quut Sloopi Bath Toy is toy boat like no otheróitís not easy to tip over, it has a boat, dinghy and lid for lots of ways to play, and it doubles as a great beach toy.

Boonís Marco is a deep-sea diver that lights up with a color-changing light to keep kids endlessly entertained.

The ultimate bath toy, the award-winning Yookidoo lets kids build their own splashtastic water-spraying fountains for hours of bathtime fun.

SoapSox are a toy and a washcloth in one.†With mouths that open up to let you insert bar or liquid soap, these little bath buddies will make that soap seem a lot less scary.

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