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A-List Mom is the premium digital lifestyle brand for the affluent, metro mom demographic, boasting a subscriber list comprised of 70,000 tastemakers, including magazine editors, TV executives/producers and leading retailers.

By advertising with A-List Mom, companies not only reach influential moms, but also the top editorial contacts who are responsible for discovering and reporting on the next “hot” products for their outlets.

The email advertising model provides maximum impact to a highly targeted, vetted and vied after subscriber list.

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Thank you A-List Mom. I was happy to get the coverage to drive awareness of my new company and traffic to my Kickstarter campaign. Immediately after the review appeared, there was a dramatic spike to our campaign, resulting in thousands of dollars in sales. Even more impressive, was that we were contacted by other influencers in the industry, interested in continuing to spread the word and promote the brand. Obviously, everyone follows what A-List mom writes. Thanks from the bottom of our wings!  — Emily Ironi, Founder and head fairy, The Dairy Fairy


Holy order overload! I got my A-List Mom email at 7:04 this morning – at 7:36 the orders started tumbling in. Thank you so much for featuring Culture Baby on A-List Mom.  Within minutes of your email blast going out, the orders started piling up in my inbox from all over the country.  They not only bought the product you featured but stuck around, browsed and bought other items too.  I’m so grateful for your thoughtful and timely coverage.  Your reach is very impressive.  — Natalia Rankine-Galloway. Founder, Culture Baby


A-List Mom review had an unexpectedly dramatic effect on my start up business. My account in Google Analytics reported a 5,140% increase in hits to my website the day that the mailing went out (i.e. there was over 50 times the volume from the day before). From the influx of that day’s emails from potential customers and some influential industry players, it was clear to me that the names on A-List Mom’s recipient list were targeted and far-reaching. Thank you A-List Mom! — Jessica Cohen, owner, tambino llc.


A-List Mom followers are the target market for fashionable, shopping moms. After running a post that featured a link to my online boutique the stats showed one of the highest single days of traffic to the site, sales rose over the course of a few days and referring traffic from A-List Mom has been constant. Wow, talk about no-brainer marketing. I couldn’t be more thankful for the wonderful new clients that I have met because of A-list Mom. Its clear that these moms trust the opinion of A-List Mom and team. The impact is amazing! — Maria Nagy, Owner,


As readers of A-List Mom ourselves, we knew what a great vehicle it was for reaching moms. But even we did not expect the incredible response we received from our dedicated newsletter! The results were fast and far-reaching. We were thrilled! — Dana Rubinstein, Founder, Dapple Baby


The A-List Mom audience of cool, edgy, fashionable young moms is a perfect match for the Mutsy brand. The response to the sweepstakes was truly overwhelming. We received thousands of entries and a consistent flow of traffic due to A-List Mom’s online marketing efforts. The hip, cosmopolitan look and voice of A-List Mom is also a natural match for our brand and set off our Mutsy 4Rider Light stroller perfectly. — Mutsy


Within the first day of being posted by A-List Mom we were contacted by the editor of BabyTalk magazine, which has now lead to a fall feature of our shoes!  A-List Mom and her readers provided us with invaluable feedback while increasing traffic by 50%. Most importantly A-List Mom was able to convert her readers into our customers. Overall we couldn’t be more pleased with our experience with A-List Mom. — Ryan Campbell, Zuzii Shoes

We can’t begin to express our gratitude to for exposing our product, Japanese Monkey Pants, to your readers; the exact audience we are trying to reach. We immediately saw an influx of orders and were inspired to run an ongoing special for A-List Mom’s dedicated readers!— Mychaela & Kat,


We sponsored a sweepstakes with A-List Mom and were thrilled with the response. A-List Mom presented our brand in the best way possible and did a tremendous job of bringing attention to our collection using both conventional channels as well as social media. — Pediped


We pre-sold several styles from the collection before they even arrived in-stock! It’s clear that A-List Moms readers are avid followers and enthusiastically respond to the info that is featured in the daily newsletter.Lana,