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There’s no shortage of websites telling you what to buy for baby, we realize, but we keep finding ourselves forwarding each other (and our friends) great picks from, “the chic little daily for moms.” The site’s discoveries for your little one and you will make even the hippest shoppers wonder, “How come I haven’t heard about that yet?” All their selections from the past year or so are archived (the site debuted in spring 2009), but sign up for the daily email so you don’t miss a thing.

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Have the hottest mommy and baby products delivered straight to your inbox: is a great source for moms who adore great products, but don’t want to spend their time scouring the web to find the best of the best. Sing up on their website to receive daily emails that will alert you to the coolest parenting and kid’s goods around!


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The curated, daily e-newsletter market for women is getting another entrant…Now, there’s — a free daily e-mail newsletter and Web site for moms.



A new Daily Candyesque site/email, suggests “stuff for moms.” Example: a $200 tepee to distract kiddies so you can “update your Facebook profile, catch up on Top Chef or finally tweeze your eyebrows!”




Hipster Crib is a Cardboard Box: If you’re going to spend $255 on a crib for your spawn, you might as well do it ironically, right?


Summer is officially here! Whether you’re enjoying your backyard pool or hitting the beach, Mamaista shares five products to ensure a safe and fun summer for all

AOL’s LemonDrop

A while back, the magazine she edited told Elina from New York she’d have to take a major pay cut. With a working husband and a newborn son, she decided instead to take her talents elsewhere…

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In the spirit of Daily Candy, every girl’s favorite e-newsletter, comes Mamaista, a national e-daily for style-conscious moms that helps “savvy, recessionista mamaistas” find products and services for babies, tykes, and tots.

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