Different Types of Beds You Should Know About

When we’re all tired after an extensive day of work or after exploring all attractions and hang out spots of a new city, we can visualize ourselves taking a nap on our bed. That is the main importance of bed; it immediately gives you a sense of comfort and relaxation. With that in mind, are you aware of the different types of beds available on the market? There are many bed options for you to choose from depending on what entices you regarding design, looks, comfort level and feel. Don’t forget that if you have some kind of problems going with best mattresses for back would be a better option Here are the different types of beds you will come across when you’re looking to buy a bed.

Divan Bed

The divan bed is often used in living rooms and normally has two sections that are joined using a bracket. The bed’s base sits directly on the floor and has a cover beneath which there is enough space to store durries and seasonal stuff. This type of bed is known for its sturdiness and extreme functionality. And if you do your homework well before making your purchase, you most likely get beds with different storage options like drawers and sliders.

Sofa Bed

Perfect for small houses, sofa beds are the epitome of functionality and practicality. This is a one-of-a-kind multifunctional bed which can be used as a makeshift sofa during the day and stretched out at night to use as a bed. If the space in your kids’ room or guest room doesn’t allow you to have the regular bed, you can have a sofa bed instead. Another variation of these beds is the sofa cum bed that has additional storage options. Sofa beds normally come in different sizes, designs, and shapes and can be customized to suit your needs.

Bunk Bed

These beds normally have two layers of bed frames that lay on each other like train compartments. Bunker beds are ideal for small rooms since they occupy less space and offer an excellent sleeping space. With that, you should read reviews of mattresses that are the ideal fit for bunk beds. Both layers of the bed are connected with a ladder that facilitates climbing up and down the upper bed frame. These beds are a common sight in hostels, kids’ rooms, camps, dormitories and more. Wood is the most popular choice for making these beds since it makes them sturdy and durable.

Trundle Bed

Similar to sofa beds, trundle beds are the best option for homes with limited space. This type of bed has one bed fitted with another bed. The bed tucked below the main bed could be pulled out when you have an unexpected visitor.

Canopy Bed

Beds with four metallic or wooden pillars placed on each corner of the bed are known as canopy beds. These pillars are normally used to carry panels and fabric shades that give it a historical and dramatic look. These beds are he and needs lots of space, a feature that makes them impractical for small rooms. This type of bed was very popular in ancient times and was often decorated with luxurious fabrics such as chiffon and silk.


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