Effective team building based on experience

The importance and challenges of effective teamwork The path to solving complex tasks can become very bumpy when you reach a point that disrupts the process. This typically occurs when you don’t fully know your team and their strengths. This is where teamwork has an important role to play. It is possible to fill in each other’s gaps. Of course, this does not always go smoothly. People with different personalities, habits and skills are not always able to understand each other and work together.

The experiential approach to team building

In order for teams to come together, they need to get to know each other. The personalities, methods and knowledge of the members can help your team get a better understanding of each other. A good leader recognises this need and tries to address it, most often in the form of a team-building training or event. It is best to choose something that is both effective and playful and enjoyable.

The Power of Experiences in Team Building

The memorability and connection of experiences

When choosing a team building method, great care should be taken to choose something that will be memorable for the members in the long term. However, it is worth making sure that it includes activities that can be linked to day-to-day tasks. 

Experiences strengthen cooperation and communication

If you choose an experiential, exciting game as a team building activity, the experience can be the same for everyone. A shared memory of success and fun for all to look back on later. All team members will have the same pleasant feeling about it. And of course they will talk about it afterwards, bringing people closer together.

Experiences shape mutual trust and support

Team building involves some serious work. These can be tasks that draw out the individual knowledge and skills of the participants. Being able to show your strengths in a different way to your team can help your team build a stronger relationship between them, helping them remember that they can rely on each other. And they will be more able to support and help their peers.

The main pillars of Experiential Team Building are

Interactive Breakout Rooms: achieving common goals and problem solving

There are Escape Rooms that can challenge the way players have to change their directive throughout the duration of the game. It is up to the members to decide which way they choose. They have to set common goals and can solve tasks and problems according to these goals in order to reach the main goal – to escape the room.

Adventurous Team Building Missions: challenges and cooperation

Choosing a game with heightened excitement, the story will constantly challenge the team. Quick and effective cooperation is required, involving all players. This is a rather effective way to bring people together.

Creative workshops and Challenges: mutual inspiration and creation

When the task is to create a joint work of art, it quickly becomes clear who among the team members is the most creative. There will be those who support the goal with ideas and those who implement it. The result is always a collective work.

Experiences and Team Dynamics Relationship

During the escape room game, players will complete more and more successfully solve the different tasks. This has a positive effect on them that is highly motivating. The more the puzzles the team solves, the more the feeling of success and excitement, the better the performance of the team.

Experiential bonding and long-term effects

Positive experiences shared together forge a team into a community. If not forever, it has a significant long-term impact on the way individual members relate to each other.

Improving teamwork by learning from experiences

Through shared experiences, people learn about each other’s knowledge and methods. They can use this in their everyday work. They will know who to turn to for help and when. So, to organize an effective team, it makes perfect sense to organize experiential team building experience.


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