New butchers machinery

If you are looking for reliable equipment for small and larger butcher shops and other meat processing facilities you are in a  perfect place. We are a professional company experienced in selling butcher machines of various types. Check out our offer at Ery Food Machinery –  the best butchery equipment on the market.

Butcher machinery – food and meat processing equipment

On our website you will find top quality new butchers machinery for the food industry. We have over 1000 pieces of specialized equipment that meets the expectations of even the most demanding clients. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. All the devices are carefully tested to ensure that you get the highest possible quality. Equipment for our offer is precisely selected from the best food machinery manufacturers to perform effectively for many years In our offer you will find products of such manufacturers as Treif, Velati, Loma, Marel, Vemag or Handtmann. Those devices are: 

  • butcher machines, 
  • dicers, 
  • vacuum tumblers, 
  • meat grinders, 
  • mixers, 
  • bowl choppers, 
  • metal detectors, 
  • vacuum stuffers, 
  • steakers and more.

Regardless of the type of business our equipment performs perfectly and every food processing facilities or catering companies will run more efficiently.

Meat mixers – only the highest quality

A vacuum meat mixer is a piece of professional catering equipment used in butcher shops and other places where sausages and canned food are produced. It is designed to mix meat stuffing. Professional meat processing facilities need a machine capable of  mixing a large amount of food every day. That’s why we offer reliable electric machinery that can maintain efficient for a long time. In affordable price you can purchase a device  perfect for accurate and fast mixing of various types of meats and stuffing. We encourage you to contact us for further information about details of our offer. We will do everything in our power to find excellent equipment suitable for your needs. 


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