Escape Hour and Its Superb Quest and Locker Rooms

Escape Hour is an entertainment facility based in Edmonton and Calgary that offers fun and atmospheric escape rooms, an excellent way to spend time with friends.

In total, there are five different escape rooms in Edmonton at Escape Hour. Each of them offers a different experience and provides a unique, original environment. The rooms vary according to difficulty and theme. If you’re looking for a special atmosphere, you can find an escape room that suits you best. The following are the five rooms that you can experience and explore, their name, theme and main features.

Five Lives
Five Lives is an action room. It puts a heavy focus on physical activities, but also provides plenty of logical tasks. You’re on a mission to fix an interplanetary spaceship, pass through the city and prevent a fatal nuclear explosion. While you’re at it, you have to stay unnoticed.

Bank Heist
This is an exquisite quest room where you can feel like a criminal mastermind. As a robber who got caught up in an extremely complicated affair with a policeman, you have to find the way out. To pass this room, the team has to devise and execute a careful and effective plan. This quest room is of above average complexity.

In this quest room, you’re stuck in a matrix and the world has been lost. There are more questions than answers. The ultimate success of the mission depends on whether or not you get out of the matrix.

escape rooms in Edmonton

5 Elements
In this locker room, your task is to prevent the impending doom by collecting the necessary five elements and activating them in the right order. Only by putting them together can you save the world.

Senator’s Battle
The plot of this escape room involves a secretive senator and the FBI. Your mission is to investigate the probable link between him and a criminal brotherhood. The time is running out so you have to act fast. Who really runs things and who’s in control? It’s time to find out. You’ll find plenty of action in this room.

You’re sure to spend countless hours in these rooms. Whenever you’re stuck, the game master is there to help you out, though you can always opt out in advance if you wish.

All games at Escape Hour can be scheduled in a convenient way, just by using the online schedule with the list of available dates and time. This is the best escape room facility in Edmonton and Calgary, which makes it a perfect place to visit if you’re looking for something fresh and exciting.


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