How To Be The Best SEO Blogger In Chicago

Becoming the best SEO blogger in Chicago is a daring goal. This article is going to discuss a few tips that could help you reach your goal faster.

First of all, if you want to be recognized as the top blogger, you need to know your stuff very well. You have to write useful articles, to give advice that would help your readers improve their rankings, and to be ready to answer their questions in a timely and professional manner. Being a blogger is more than a simple hobby. If you want to be an authority, you have to treat blogging as a business. This means you need to have a development plan, a posting schedule and specific and measurable goals. You also need to have a good system for tracking your progress, so that you can adjust your blogging strategy whenever needed.

As your main goal is to be recognized as the best blogger in Chicago, it comes without saying that you need to build and maintain a local community of readers and followers. You can promote your articles on Facebook, in local groups from the greater Chicago area. You can also join some local SEO and internet marketing forums, and try to become one of their most active members. You may even be invited to moderate some discussions, thus having the chance to let all members of the community know what you can do for them and their search rankings.

Blogging according to a previously defined plan implies that you’re going to publish articles on various SEO topics at least once a week. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for quantity. If you can’t stick to posting two or three articles per week, you should rather post once a month, but make sure your information rocks. The fastest way to build a loyal readership is by offering them the information they can use in their attempts to rank their websites.

Don’t forget that the money is in the list. Start building your email list right off the bat. Ideally, you should have a massive call to action located on the most visible spot on your blog. Pop-up windows are also a good method to attract the attention of your readers and entice them into joining your newsletter or email list. The conversion rate can be improved by offering people some perk. You can write a report on some Chicago SEO fact, for instance, and offer it for free download in exchange for an email address and the permission to send regular messages to this address.

Building your brand needs a significant investment of time and money. You should be active in your social circles, participate in the most important events in your industry, and try to be a speaker at some of your local SEO and digital marketing roundtables. The more you expose yourself, the faster you’re going to build brand awareness for your blog. If you can obtain paid speaking gigs, take them, but don’t refuse those that don’t offer you monetary rewards in exchange for your speeches.

Last but not least, try to identify a few local brands that could use your SEO skills, and offer them free help in exchange for the permission to publish their case studies on your blog. Motivation, passion, and patience can make you the best. The sooner you start working towards your goal, the better.


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